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UNITY Digital Music Festival

We’re proud to present the first ever worldwide digital music festival. UNITY is bringing together DJs & presenting EDM media partners from 5 continents, for 3 days of groundbreaking partying!

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Wednesday, November 14th


Manila Killa (12 PM EST)
Tommy Urbanski (1 PM EST)
Sted-E & Hybrid Heights (2 PM EST)
Reset! (3 PM EST)
>> DJs From Mars (4 PM EST)
>> 3LAU (5 PM EST)
Archie (6 PM EST)
Henrix (7 PM EST)
Mutrix (8 PM EST)
Aylen (9 PM EST)
Stalkerloo (10 PM EST) (community DJ winner)

Thursday, November 15th


Nouveaubeats & Vince le Fin (11 AM EST)
Flip Monks (12 PM EST)
Hyperbits (2 PM EST)
Go Go Bizkitt (3 PM EST)
Zardonic (4 PM EST)
Styles&Complete (5 PM EST)
>> Adrian Lux (6 PM EST)
Regulators (7 PM EST)
gLAdiator (8 PM EST)
Mike Bugout (9 PM EST)
D.veloped (10 PM EST)
Basik Hertz (11 PM EST) (community DJ winner)

Friday, November 16th


Dirkie Coetzee (11 AM EST)
Cubby Cramer (12 PM EST)
Tim Gunter (1 PM EST)
David Heartbreak (2 PM EST)
Shreddie Mercury (3 PM EST)
>> The Crystal Method (4 PM EST)
Ken Loi (5 PM EST)
Spankalicious (6 PM EST)
Kastra (7 PM EST)
mass7 (8 PM EST)
Loud Assassins (9 PM EST) (community DJ winner)

Presenting Partners

The Drop
Electro Italia
Electronica Oasis
Fist In The Air
Party Legacies
Run The Trap
Trance Hub
The Untz

  • Jaime Arellano

    so this is all online?

    • Mixify

      Yes, only available on

      We’ll be updating this page with set times soon, stay tuned!