Custom Avatars on Mixify

Based on popular request from our DJ community, we are proud to introduce Custom Avatars!

What You Get

You get a custom-made avatar hand-made by our design team. Upon request, we’ll take your photo (or other imagery) and turn it into a next-level DJ avatar so that the entire world will be able to see who is rocking the crowd on the 1s and 2s during your Mixify Events! Here’s exactly what it includes..

  1. Custom-made, one-of-a-kind avatar using your actual photo or other imagery!
  2. Unlimited, eternal use for all of your Mixify events!
  3. A mean head bob!
  4. A ton of fan mail, marriage proposals, and gigs from adoring fans and promoters whose minds will be blown when they see how incredible you look!*

How To Get One

  1. Email us at requesting a custom avatar.
  2. Submit your payment of $39.
  3. Send us the image(s) you’d want to use. MUST BE facing forward in a hi-resolution format.
  4. Wait for us to make the magic happen. (Depending on the queue, this could take 1-2 weeks.)
  5. Blow your fans away with your very own custom avatar from now until ever.

Get Yours Today for only $39!

Request Your Avatar Now!

Click the button above or email us at

*Mixify does not guarantee any marriage proposals or other things on that line. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. If it does, please tell us immediately so we can celebrate with you.
  • Houston Cleaver

    Really? $125? NASA has better deals on flights to Mars….

  • Cray Army

    I LOVE this idea. :) I was hoping one every mixify dj wouldn’t look the same. I’ll stick with my free one for now though because college.

  • Andy

    est yo men

  • I’am Daii Anittha

    Como Lo Usooo A Estto SOii Nueva Por Esoo! PORFA Ayudenmen!!!!!♥ Besos.. Desde Yá Muchas Graciias :$

  • arron

    dj is my life and my avatar is important but i am not paying 39$ for it

  • Jeremy McD


  • tyelar bannister

    $39 fuck that

  • yentltijssens

    I love this idea, but its just to expensive for every normal DJ.

  • lol


  • lol

    jatomam za 39 kacek

  • Jeff-DJ

    39$ fuck that

  • DJMixomnia .

    Why $39? Just let everyone upload their own avatar, and make a simple tool to drag a line to where the head should bob.

  • Hafeezur Haikal

    Can I use money from Music 123 to request my avatar?

  • Hafeezur Haikal

    Really?Really 100 percent?

  • Eddie


  • aced it

    15 bucks for my show

  • Evad3r

    A bit steep. How about allowing an upload function on the cheap?

  • Thomas Rosas

    Really? $39 for the a simple avatar on a live stream..

  • Elan S Bender

    if i was stupid enough to pay 40$ for this id expect least a wax figure of me at the event and not a wierd ass spittoon

  • josh

    who wants to pay $39 for virtual hard to see custom avatar. and its computerized for $39 for real. whoever named the price is STUPID for real.

  • ricky van alfred

    needs direct contacts

  • DJ Megazoid

    (psst, I haent even got that money, only got £6.95 or something in bank account lol)

  • BenBowler

    You can have any avatar you want at!