Artist Spotlight: Nostalgia

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  Dubstep/Bass producer Nostalgia is no stranger to Mixify. An avid streamer, Nostalgia hosts a mix show every Monday where he debuts new tunes, and exclusive tracks from some of the biggest names in bass music. Originally from Minneapolis, but now based out of Bloomington, IL, we caught up with the producer to hear about… Read more »

Believe the Hype: Aybsent Mynded

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I think most people would love to be “that guy” or “that girl” that discovered some big-name artist. How stoked would you have been if you had stumbled upon Hardwell or Avicii 6 years ago? You’d probably be sitting at home in your four story mansion sipping on some drink that’s worth more than that… Read more »

Industry Influencer: Special Features Chats About His Beginnings, Dream Collaborations, and Internet Branding

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Fresh off his amazing “Illusions” Digital Release Party on Thursday with Michael Brun and CHANGE, London’s finest, Special Features, took a moment to sit and chat with us on his burgeoning career. ”Illusions” is a big-room banger that has already clocked in over 18,000 plays on SoundCloud and is sure to be played all over the… Read more »

Industry Influencer: Popeska Chats About Kindergarten Recordings, Future Releases, and Gives Some Advice to Upcoming DJs & Producers

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We’re proud to have rising star Popeska on board for the very special Kindergarten Recordings Digital Pre-Party on Wednesday, April 10, right here on Mixify! The immensely talented 20 year old hailing from Atlanta, is currently touring the US along with fellow Kindergarten Recordings artists DallasK and Charlie Darker. The trio are all set to play a highly anticipated showcase set at Webster Hall, NYC… Read more »

Industry Influencer: Richard Wheeler, Creative Director at HOUS, on The Importance of Networking & Hard Work

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Photo Credit: Richard Wheeler is the man behind your favorite EDM/dance music fashion line: HOUS. Top DJs, like Afrojack, Calvin Harris, & Dada Life have been spotted rocking HOUS gear at their shows. In addition to being the creative & marketing mind behind HOUS, Richard spends his nights deeply seeded in the NYC nightlife scene. He’s… Read more »

Industry Influencer: Jordan Wolowitz of Founders Entertainment talks Governors Ball & The Importance of Social Media Marketing

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Jordan Wolowitz, a partner in Founders Entertainment, got his start in the live music industry while he was still a student at George Washington University in the early 2000s. He was an avid music critic on the school’s newspaper and booked acts like Kanye West and The White Stripes for the school’s program board. Jordan… Read more »