The world’s never-ending electronic music festival.

Mixify is a digital events platform that provides unparalleled access and social engagement between DJs and fans worldwide. We work with the world’s biggest DJs, music festivals, dance labels, venues, and brands, and authentically connect them with EDM culture – the leading sound and lifestyle of the millennial generation.

How does it work?

DJs can seamlessly live audio stream their sets from physical events (such as festivals), from the comfort of their own homes, or even release pre-recorded mixes, which EDM fans can enjoy from anywhere, anytime. The platform translates the traditional DJ format into a virtual one, allowing DJs to showcase their latest mixes in a live digital setting, while fans party, chat, connect and provide real-time feedback.

DJs love our site

We have thousands of active DJs on Mixify hosting live events and connecting with fans around the world, including areas they may never reach through touring. DJs have the ability to personalize their live digital events with custom avatars and visuals, and receive real-time feedback from fans, a connection which is unmatched in the physical setting. DJs can also tie in all their social media links into their Mixify events, as well as promote new music, merchandise, and tour tickets to fans throughout the experience.

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The fan experience

Fans get unprecedented access to their favorite DJs (including some of the world’s biggest), along with the ability to party and live-chat with music lovers around the world.

You can also party and live chat on-the-go with our mobile apps for iPhone & Android.

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How we work with partners

We work with many of the world’s biggest DJs, music festivals, dance labels, venues, and brands in creating custom digital events and promotional campaigns.

Since our public launch in November 2012, we’ve hosted a number of successful digital festivals and powerful promotional campaigns. Here are a few examples:

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