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We are very excited to announce the Paul Van Dyk Global Connection this New Year’s Eve. Paul Van Dyk will be kicking off his “Politics of Dancing 3″ tour by DJing to 20+ clubs across 5 continents in one night, a feat only possible using Clubcast. Check out the trailer below for a special message from Paul and his friend Tom Douche about how he is accomplishing the impossible.



For more information and to see the locations PVD will be celebrating the New Year with, visit the official website:



For more information, please see the full press release is below

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Clubcast Flyer - Aoki Group

Clubcast Flyer - Cosmic Gate Group


November 7 and 8, Clubcast launches in India with Steve Aoki and Cosmic Gate for the official Supersonic Arcade Pre-Parties along with presenting partners My Purple Martini and The Nightlife Convention. Exclusively at Kitty Su in Delhi, and Sutra Lounge in Bangalore, the dance music legend will play live from the US into multiple venues in India simultaneously for the launch of Clubcast in India.

Stay tuned for more updated and exclusive contests and giveaways.

Grab tickets to the events or a 2-night package here. 



If you are a Steve Aoki fan based in Philly and want to check out the Clubcast from his side, RSVP here for your chance to be invited to the secret location November 7.

For a chance to party Saturday November 8 with Cosmic Gate live in NYC, RSVP here. 


For more information read the official press release below:

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San Diego based clothing brand, Damascus Apparel, is giving one lucky member of the Mixify community one of their launchpad hoodies a new item from their collection with only a few printed in house in San Diego. For your chance to snag this awesome piece, enter our giveaway below.

Damascus is partnering with Mixify as an official host of upcoming Clubcasts, which will be run from their warehouse space in downtown San Diego, California. Their brand continues to align with top tier musical talent and aesthetics as they push the boundaries in the San Diego music and fashion scene.




What is Damascus Apparel?


Our philosophy is “Create with us.” Our goal is to have the brand ecosystem made up of people that are passionate about creating the greatest and most enjoyable things our world has to offer, with the most of it to us, being music and production that revolves around the electronic culture movement that is happening right now.

We want people to wear and see our brand and be able to recognize others wearing it easily, connect and feel like they know the person, just because they share the same love, goals and have an open understanding of everything that we (as mankind) consist of.

The Main marks that sit above the Damascus lettering are in fact – Not letters – they do look similar to Katakana marks, but it is a symbol that we created that represents “The people of Silk and Steel” which is the foundation and reputation that is formed from Damascus Syria. Damascus is the longest still standing civilization on earth, that represents power through struggle. This is the foundation we are setting….Create with us. ダマスカス


Enter the giveaway using the widget below

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This Halloween, we’re using Clubcast to bring two of our favorite artists, 3LAU and DJs from Mars to epic Halloween parties from Canada to the Caribbean.

Coming live from San Diego, California, 3LAU is bringing his mashup meets house sound to Stereo and Cowboys in Winnipeg, Canada as well as Bananas in St. Georges, Grenada on Halloween, spanning three countries and clubs.

From their home country Italy, DJs from Mars will be streaming live to both Stereo and Cowboys in Winnipeg, Canada.


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We are excited to announce we have teamed up with the biggest dance music festival in Australia, Stereosonic to host the first-ever synchronously livestreamed festival launch parties featuring one of our favorite artists, Laidback Luke of Mixmash Records. Laidback Luke will be streaming live via Clubcast from the Mixmash Records headquarters in Amsterdam to multiple official Stereosonic Launch Parties in Australia. The launch parties will take place in multiple exclusive venues, including Empire in Melbourne and Kit & Kaboodle in Sydney.

For more information, read the official press release below: 

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Superstar DJ and producer, The Cataracs, is doing his first Clubcast, live from Icon Collective in Los Angeles. The Cataracs are best know for producing for some of the top names in music, including Usher, Selena Gomez, Martin Solveig, Wolfgang Gardner, and more.

This Clubcast will stream internationally to Bananas in St. George’s in Grenada.

See Clubcast in action here


Check out some of The Cataracs awesome original hits below.