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It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago there were only a handful of dedicated electronic music festivals in North America. Today there’s thankfully dozens to choose from, and Memorial Day Weekend is ripe with options from Movement in Detroit, Lightning in a Bottle in Cali, Mysteryland & EDC near NYC. The challenge now is no longer if you should go, but which one you should go to!?!

First up your list should be Movement. This is one of the longest running techno festivals in North America, and needs to be checked off your festival bucket-list at some point. The raw talent mixed with international crowds and the classic Detroit vibe is unbeatable. If you’ve not been to Movement before, they offers six stages within close proximity but each with its own atmosphere and musical vibe.  As a result it’s near impossible to not find something to keep you dancing all day long.

This year Movement’s taking things to the next level with livestreams directly from the main stage to watch on RBMAradio, and offering completely artist-curated line-ups like the “Detroit Love Showcase” that Carl Craig has curated for the Made in Detroit Stage on Saturday, culminating in Robert Hood (as Floorplan) and then Mad Mike Banks performing with Carl.

If this year you don’t happen to be in Midwest for Movement and you’re looking for something a little “greener” on the west-coast, than we’d highly recommend going to check out Lightning in a Bottle!

LIB is a massive annual camping fest that’s particularly popular with the Burning Man crowd. So the beats are going to be all-night long and deep house – not like the hard techno you’re going to see in Detroit. This fest also strives hard to minimize the impact it has on the environment and encourages ride-sharing, and other eco-activities, and every year builds massive awe-inspiring stages. LIB especially specializes in curating amazing twilight moments as the sun sets and the DJs are there ready to take you from day to night.

However if camping out in a desert isn’t for you and you’re out on the east coast then we’d highly recommend Mysteryland. For only being in it’s second year the lineup is tech-house heavy and solid.

Brought to you by the legendary pros that started Tomorrowland in Belgium, Mysteryland takes their lead and brings a massive electronic music & arts festival to the old farm that housed the original legendary Woodstock. This year they’re taking the festival to the next level by bringing in the local NYC techno community to participate. Leaving party-masters like Verboten and BangOn to make Mysteryland feel even more like a proper NYC party.

Anyways these are only our top 3 picks for this weekend. There’s dozens of other festivals going on so why don’t you drop us a line in the comments on which is your fav and why. Catch you out in front of the main stage!


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Dear Mixify Fam,

All of us in the Mixify community are a family. Since the start, we have been lucky enough to get to know so many of you who make Mixify a special place full of not only good music, but also love and respect. We recently lost a core family member – someone who was with us from day one, who provided support and energy to others, and who brought a positive outlook and love of music to a developing community. Bass Action was a great friend who will be very missed. We’re proud to celebrate his legacy and the energy he brought to our community.

-The Mixify Team

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Friend of Mixify and extremely talented producer, Gigamesh, just dropped one of the most vibe filled tracks of the year – just in time to usher in warm weather! Expect to hear this one at rooftop and pool parties where the temperature is as hot as the beats. The song is full of sunny summer ready vibes with a house meets disco blend of genres you won’t be able to stop moving to. Gigamesh is passing this one on as a free download so feel free to grab it and include in all of your playlists. See you in the sunshine!

Follow Gigamesh on Facebook & Twitter.


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What’s up Mixify Fam!


we’re stoked to announce that our friends Goshfather & Jinco and Sullivan King are hosting a remix contest for their new track, ‘TORO.’ Think you’ve got what it takes to remake this badboy into the hottest thing since don’t touch the lava tag? Then create your own masterpiece and you might win some awesome prizes!



1) Official Release on Otodayo Records
2) 1 pair of Sol Republic Headphones
3) 1 hour Skype session with Goshfather & Jinco and Sullivan King
4) Signed King Sullivan SnapBack

Download the stems here.

Once you’ve created the new biggest club banger, make sure to submit your entries via email to tororemixcomp@gmail.com.
Private soundcloud links are your best bet!

Good luck and go team!

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Hey Mixify Fam,

It has come to our attention that the latest release of Flash Player has been causing some users streaming issues on Mixify. Adobe officially released information documenting a major bug introduced in We’ve taken steps to mitigate the issues by temporarily disabling Direct Input mixing options and making changes to how our player interacts with our CDN as a hack. We have to wait for Adobe to formally issue a release with proper fixes before we can remove any changes we’ve made to workaround their issue.

We’ll let you know when we have a solution for this problem. Users can use B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool) with Iceast as their mixing option for the time being, as you can keep the same signal chain and routing previously used for Direct Input.


Mixify Dev Team

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Nostalgia_Mixify_Blogsize_(with logo)


Dubstep/Bass producer Nostalgia is no stranger to Mixify. An avid streamer, Nostalgia hosts a mix show every Monday where he debuts new tunes, and exclusive tracks from some of the biggest names in bass music. Originally from Minneapolis, but now based out of Bloomington, IL, we caught up with the producer to hear about his new Rottun EP, the secret to making the best wobbles and some of his favorite tunes.

You recently signed to Rottun records, how did that happen?

I’ve had my eye on Rottun for a while, I can’t remember if I’ve ever sent anything to them before though. My buddy Jimmie just got a job doing social media stuff with them so he asked me if I’d like to send something to get released and the rest is history.

You recently moved away from Minneapolis. How has moving affected the way you make music?

Moving from Minneapolis was bittersweet, I moved because my wife got a full ride to gradschool but I miss the scene and my friends there. In Minneapolis, I could play shows and hear how my tunes sounded live, there isn’t a scene for my music in Bloomington, IL, so I don’t have that luxury. :P

You do a Monday night mix show on Mixify. What can listeners expect to hear when they check out your show?
The Monday Mix Show is 2 hours long and it is focused on “Bass Music”. I tend to spend the first hour and a half on angry bass stuff and then I slowly get weirder until I’m playing un-remixed video game soundtracks and blending them together haha.

You’ve been playing a lot of shows lately. What is your favorite environment to DJ in?

Any show that has people who are as excited as I am to hear the music will go down as a great show in my book :D

You use a lot of video game references in your music. What’s your favorite game and why?

Oh so you noticed :P
Favorite game is a tough one, top tier is Gradius III, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Chrono Trigger. Those games feature AMAZING soundtracks and just great gameplay overal. I’ve been playing Gradius III since I was like 1 year old haha.

One of the great things about Mixify is how it helps artists connect with fans in an intimate, online universe. What’s your favorite part of using Mixify?

I like how the room fills out with avatars as the people come in to the show. Also the hype button really lets me know how well I did each show so that is super handy :D

What is your hardware and software set up?

 I use a beefy PC with a meh screen, FL Studio 11, RME Babyface audio interface, and KRK Rokit 8 monitors.

The Mixify community is made up of aspiring DJs and producers, what advice do you have for others looking to follow in your footsteps?

I say this a lot but remember that learning to produce is like learning to play the guitar. You practice by playing other people’s music. So take a tune that inspires you, put it in your DAW and try to re-create it! Also, everything you need to know is on youtube haha (Like my channel which has a production tutorial series called “Cheat Codes”.www.youtube.com/dnbnostalgia)

Could you send links to three of your favorite tracks you’ve made, and explain what you like about them and the process briefly?

1. Nostalgia – Mexico

They say you never “Finish” a piece of art, you just stop working on it. Well, that is very true, except this tune. Idk why, I am just really happy with it and there was a point at which I said “It is Finished” hahahha

2. Nostalgia – Hyrule Castle [bootleg]

I believe this to be my most underrated tune. It is, in my opinion, my best video game remix I’ve ever made. If you know the games (Zelda A link to the past, ocarina of time) then you might have noticed that this song tells a story the whole way through including a very obvious section that tells of a specific fight Link has with Ganon in Ocarina of Time. I love this tune, it also has a bunch of lazer gun noises so thats cool.

3. Nostalgia – Know Me

This tune might be my most technically impressive haha. I was specifically trying to flex my skills and prove the point that if you didn’t already, you should get to “Know Me”. I Made this in MPLS at my brother-in-laws house while we were between houses, it was a really stressful time for me, but that’s when some good music comes out.

Nostalgia hosts a Mix show on Mixify every Monday from 8pm-10pm Central. Fan his profile here.