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Disco Donnie Presents Sun City Music Festival, in El Paso Texas August 30 and 31. We are offering a pair of GA tickets to the festival to two lucky members of the Mixify fam. Enter using the widget below for your chance for you and a friend to party along to the sounds of Carnage, Guetta, Martin Garrix, and more.

Contest ends August 13 at 2pm EST. The more friends to refer to the contest, the greater your chance of winning!

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SmithsonMartin is revolutionizing the DJ experience. We are giving away the EmulatorPro software to one lucky DJ/producer from the Mixify community. Enter using the contest widget below for your chance to win. Contest ends July 31 at 2pm EST.


More information about EmulatorPro:

EmulatorPro is a Touchscreen application that includes all standard objects for DJ’s like sliders, knobs, modulation pads, encoders and much more. Best of all, every component has flawless touch capabilities and is fully customizable. Our patent-pending technology enables merging the native interface of any MIDI software with your own touch controller. You have all the power of your performance tool at a glance. Emulator PRO can run on extended desktop mode, so you have multiple instances of the software on multiple screens, or even have another application run at the same time.

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Vaski is the most recent artist to get onboard the Clubcast, our first of a kind live streaming into venue technology. On July 19, Vaski will be streaming live from Los Angeles to Somerset, Wisconsin. We asked him about signing to a label, his residency in Minneapolis, and some of his favorite song he’s ever released. Learn more about one of our favorite artists in our exclusive interview below.



You recently signed to Madison House, what lead to that shift and what are your plans together?

Sometimes its good to change up the game. I love what Madison House is all about and Its been great working with them so far.


You have a monthly residency at First Avenue. How long has this been going on? What makes a good party?

Friday July 11th is the third show, its been really dope, sold out every time so far. Theres a lot of things involved in making a good party, but the number one thing is good vibes. People have to come with the right expectations. First Ave also just has a special air about it, Ive always loved the space and Its super cool to be working with them on this party.


You have hinted to fans that you will be releasing music with a new sound. Can you give us any clues about what we can expect from your upcoming EP? What prompted the change?

I make what I want to hear. As I learn more about music, I’m capable of more and more. I think my new music makes use of a lot of new production skills I’ve learned recently. I am obsessed with figuring out what makes songs good, and I think this obsession is gradually coming forth in my music. I know my best work is ahead of me.


 You have been playing all types of venues this Summer, from festivals to an upcoming baseball game. What is your favorite environment to DJ in?

Man, I just like to play wherever people are stoked about the music. But I would say that if I am playing a bigger show its important to me that the DJ booth is pretty close to the front row, if I am super far back it’s hard to feel the same vibe as everyone in the crowd.


You are doing your first Mixify Clubcast event July 19 from LA to Somerset, WI. Are you excited?

Its definitely a new thing and I cant wait to check it out.


One of the great things about Clubcast is how it helps artists connect with fans through live performances in places they may otherwise not travel. What is the craziest adventure you have traveled on through your DJ career?

I would tell you but I’ve sworn a blood oath against it.


What is your hardware and software set up?

When I perform I use pioneer cdjs with USB flash drives. I mix in my headphones and jump around like a crazed space alien.


The Mixify community is made up of aspiring DJs and producers, what advice do you have for others looking to follow in your footsteps?

Fall in love with what you do. No one did anything cool when they were half-assing it.


 Could you send links to three of your favorite tracks you’ve made, and explain what you like about them and the process briefly?

Im going to choose 3 not so popular ones – because my recent and most relevant songs are easily accessible on the front page of my Soundcloud.

Get Down

This was on my “World On Fire EP” which was the release that really made me blow up originally. This song sat at #1 in dubstep on beatport for 2 months. This is the first dubstep song I recall making that completely deviated from what was expected at the time. The huge melody section in the begining of the song was not typical of the genre at the time and was a risk.


Where You Wanna Go:

This is the only song of mine (thats been released) that features myself on vocals. I dont consider myself a singer but I really like how this turned out. I dont know what inspired the lyrics, they just felt right at the time.


Cant Bring Me Down:

This one is purely a dancefloor smasher. Play this on big speakers and I think its almost impossible to not at least nod your head. This was made when everyone was talking about how dubstep was dead. My attitude towards that was “lol ok, you think its dead? then check this out..” What I like so much about this song is how simple it is at its core, but how many crazy rhythms and edits there are going on in the background.


Follow Vaski on Social Media:





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Our partner, DJ School Breda in The Netherlands is hosting some of the top DJs in the world as they stream via Mixify Clubcast into venues worldwide. DJ School Breda attracts students from The Netherlands and beyond who want to learn learn everything from production software to DJ skills. This Summer, we teamed up for a series of unforgettable Clubcast events live from the DJ School Breda studio.

This series of Clubcasts has spanned distances up to 5,000 miles each and included our first ever stream to the Cayman Islands.

May 30 – Firebeatz (to Montebello, CA)

May 31 - Bassjackers (to The Cayman Islands)


Check out footage from the Firebeatz Clubcast on May 30 at DJ School Breda below. QC 20/20 in Montebello was packed with fans of the Dutch DJ duo partying along to the Clubcast.

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JS Podcast profielfoto 1400x1400px

Dutch DJ and producer JoeySuki is joining the Mixify community starting June 25, 2014. Join Joey once a month on for an exclusive live set as well as live chat. Fans can ask about upcoming releases, tips for DJing, and more. Join JoeySuki on June 25th at 1pm EST. Stay tuned for more information about this exclusive series.

SL Facebook omslagfoto online

Check out this exclusive interview with JoeySuki for Mixify.

How did you start your house label “Dubbed” ? How do you choose what music you release on “Dubbed” ?

I started with Dubbed Records because I wanted a platform for young and talented producers to release their tracks. I was already doing Suki Likes promo sessions at that time but I couldn’t do anything with the tracks that won. From my own history I know how great it is when your track gets signed so that why I wanted to support them and give them a platform to release their tracks. The most important rule for me for every signed track on Dubbed is that I want to play it in my sets. It doesn’t matter what style of music it is, as long as I like it, I sign it!


How has being from Holland influenced your sound?

I think it influenced me in a big way because it’s a really small country and that comes out really handy. As a DJ in Holland you can play from 1-5 gigs a day because the longest distance is a 3-5 hour drive. You gain a lot of live experiences here with different crowds and a crowd that has seen a lot of other big DJ’s so their not that easy to entertain haha, you have to bring out the big guns to every show. Also Holland is a country that supports creativity so there are great music schools etc.


Why have you chosen to start this monthly live stream series?

I already had my monthly podcast on iTunes but I wanted to do something more with it. I love being in touch with my fan base and I always want to give them some exclusive material. After doing one livestream I was sold. This is a perfect platform for me to be in touch with the fans and to let them hear my latest music as first!


You’ve released a lot of music over the last few years. What can we expect from your in the future?

There’s a lot of new music coming up from my side. My new release “Get Ready” will be out on June 27th on Ultra Music, there are 5 remixes coming up and I’m busy working on some deeper kinds of music with an alias name.


Do you enjoy being alone producing music, or touring and playing to a crowd?

It’s something that I loved in the first years of my carreer because it’s a great way of learning a lot about yourself and discovering different people and cultures but since a few weeks I am traveling with a tour manager because I started realizing that it’s not fun to have a lot of great memories if you can’t share them with anyone.


What hardware and software do you use?

I don’t have a lot of hardware, the only thing I have is a Universal Audio Card which is really love. My computer is full of production software such as Logic, Sylenth, Nexus, Native Instruments package, Waves package etc.


Link us to some of your favorite tracks or remixes you’ve ever done and explain why

This track is one of my favorites. I still love this vibe and it’s a track that is timeless in my opinion.


When we recorded this teaser I didn’t had any clue what this track was going to do for my carreer. I had a great time with Robbert creating this track and from the moment it got out my career had a boost. I’m still very proud on this collaboration!


This was the first release of my label and also one of my favorites own records.


Tune in every last Wednesday of the month!

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18 year old New Jersey based DJs Riggi & Piros will be streaming live on Mixify this Thursday, June 12 at 9 pm EST to celebrate the release of their new track, “Elephant” on Buygore Records. Tune in RSVP to the event here.

Tune in for an exclusive live set along with live chat with Riggi & Piros. Listen to “Elephant” below. The track is also available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes as well.

Follow Riggi & Piros on social media to keep up with their releases and tour