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DJ Uninen

DJ Uninen is a long running favorite of the Mixify community. His weekly Friday night 90s show has a strong following of devoted fans that tune in every week. We caught up with him to chat about his show and the key to finding success on Mixify!

1. How long has your weekly 90s show been running for?

I played the first 90s Night event on Mixify December 2012, weekly events started early 2013. Both Mixify and the show have come quite far since then :)

2. What can listeners expect to hear when they check out your show?

The 90s was a great decade for music. Most of the fans want to hear cheesy eurodance and familiar hits, but I put a lot of effort to dig up long lost gems within all genres, from alternative rock to trance. If there’s a “gosh, I had totally forgotten this tune”-moment in the chat during the set, I’ve achieved my goal.

But Mixify shows are of course much more than just music! You’ll also get to party and laugh with likeminded people on the chat and watch silly dancing on the video.

3. You’ve amassed quite the digital following. What does it take to build a fan base to that checks out your show every week?

I live in a small town in a country that has smaller population than many large cities, so building an online fanbase is very important. There’s no silver bullet to this; it takes lots of time and effort. You can buy Facebook likes but you can’t buy real fans.

For me the most important thing has been being myself. I’m not trying to mimic anyone or any other show, I try to keep my feet on the ground and to be myself. When you have your own thing, the fans will come for that.

I also try to be active outside of just Mixify and mixtapes. I’m active on Facebook, publish vlogs on Youtube and use Instagram to keep the conversation more personal. I want to keep the community family-like — just like Mixify is.

4. One of the great things about Mixify is how it helps artists connect with fans in an intimate, online universe. What’s your favorite part of using Mixify?

Mixify also connects DJs with other DJs and that’s what I love most in Mixify. Getting feedback and learning from other DJs is invaluable, it helps you grow. Mixify is also a great place for networking. I’ve gotten several gigs via Mixify connections and I know I’m not the only one.

Mixify is a relatively young site and there’s still lots of potential for growth. If Mixify is able to find bigger audiences, it could become a serious stepping stone for aspiring DJs.

On Mixify you can push your limits as a DJ and put everything you’ve got to a live stream, while still playing at your home in a friendly and relaxed online environment — what could be better way to practice and grow?

5. You do very well with the tip jar. What’s your strategy for getting people to give you tips?

I try to give my listeners a show they feel is worth tipping for. I put a lot of time and effort for preparing the 90s Night shows and keeping them fresh every week. I also play requests, publish the setlists and make a recording available on the Web and iTunes from every show. Most of the tips I use for buying requested tunes that I didn’t have.

Wanting to give something back to the DJ community I’ve built some free tools that help other DJs engage their audience and fans. MixifyRequests is a tool that makes taking and playing requests easy, it engages listeners to make and vote for requests. If you are the type of DJ that takes requests, you should chek it out — it’s free and made specifically for Mixify DJs.

Publishing setlists is another small thing that makes your audience appreciate what you do even more. If you don’t use Mixifys Icecast-option which displays the tracks for you, or if you want to publish your playlists on Facebook or your blog, you can use free PlaylistConverter to do so. (Currently Traktor-only, but Serato compatibility is coming soon!)

What kind of show would make You tip for? Build your shows based on that!

6. What is your hardware and software set up?

My weapon of choice is Traktor and timecode discs. The hardware keeps evolving all the time, but currently I play with CDJ 1000 mk2s or old turntables — so even the players are oldskool :) I also have some extra hardware (pre-amps, exciter, compressor) to make the mic voice more radio-like. The live stream goes also trough Logic DAW where I finetune the final output.

Latest addition to my gear is Pioneer DJM-900NXS mixer, which was gifted to me by my awesome fans at the 100th 90s Night party. They must be the best fans in the world!

7. The Mixify community is made up of aspiring DJs and producers, what advice do you have for others that are brand new to the site?

First, find your own sound and style, be yourself. In my opinion if you’re a young starting DJ, having a bio on your profile page written in third person just looks silly. Don’t be afraid of being yourself. Rewrite that bio when it’s time for that.

Second, tune in to other Mixify livestreams and get to know the other DJs and the community. You’ll find lots of new friends and fall in love with the community as we all have :) As a DJ you’ll also find new DJ contacts that are priceless for your future career.

Third, be persistent. I’ve played many streams just by myself or with one or two listeners. Don’t expect a huge amount listeners to your every set if you haven’t got the fanbase yet. Play sets because you love music and playing, not just to get huge amount of listeners. If you’re good at what you do, listeners will find you.

Finally, if you are serious about building your brand and reputation, consider making a regular weekly or bi-weekly show. Pick a time slot and stick to it. Promote the show on Facebook and Twitter and put the recordings and setlists available as an iTunes podcast (there are sites like that makes it really easy — and free). If you’re a producer you can promote your own tunes and committing to a long term project like this will get noticed by promoters.

But most importantly, have fun! :)

The obligatory eurodance tune for this summer for me is Move it To The Rhythm by Technotronics (1995).

Another oldskool favourite for me this summer is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (1990).

Finally for a more modern sound, this very stylishly made remake of an old 1990 classic, Gonna Make You Sweat (Club Mix) by Criminal Vibes is a perfect tune for an early evening beach party.

9. What song do you wish every DJ would stop playing? What track is your secret weapon?

In general I feel many DJs spend too much time playing only the top chat hits from UK/US charts or Beatport. DJs should be music lovers and curators, they should spend more time finding great music outside of the big commercial charts. It’s easy to play the top 10 hits what everyone are playing, but it’s way more rewarding to play awesome tunes and mashups/remixes that people haven’t heard before.

As for a secret weapon I’m fond of ripping all kinds of weird and/or funny bits from old 12″s or TV shows or Youtube vids and playing them in the middle of a set. It’s so easy these days to get this stuff it should be illegal! Oh, wait, it is.

The 90s Night show streams live on Mixify Fridays at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT. You can find DJ Uninen also on FacebookInstagram and

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If you’re a DJ or producer, LA is a special place to be right now. With talent seemingly popping out of nowhere, you can run into multiple well known DJ/producers on any given night. We at Mixify wanted to profile multiple acts coming up on the scene, and here is our first with bass-heavy trap producers, Goshfather & Jinco. Both successful in their own right, the duo teamed up and have been playing out across the world. We chatted about ghost producing, LA and how to make it in the biz.


1. You guys originally had your own careers but now work as a unit. How did that come about? 


Jinco: I went to Coachella in 2010 and experience dance music for the first time. Not knowing anything about the scene, I randomly saw, Wolfgang Gartner, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Deadmau5 and Tiesto. After I saw the festival I decided that was what I wanted to do. So I practiced mixing on my computer and eventually bought an S4 a year later. Then in November 2012 Victor booked me to play this little edm room in Hollywood through a friend of a friend. After the show I mentioned I had a music studio and that he should cruise through and we can make a track together. That week he cruised over and the rest is history.


2. You’re part of the up and coming LA scene that’s really starting to break. What makes LA a special place to be a DJ/producer?


Jinco: LA just has so much going on here and everyone lives here. On any given night you can go out and see some homies dj’ing or goto a party and you never know who you’ll meet. Its kind of the mecca for networking.


Goshfather: Everyone is here and everyone around us inspires us. You can go out to a party in LA and hear friends of yours or friends of friends premiering new tunes and you can walk right up to them after and ask them for it. It’s a special time and and a special place to be, and it’s awesome.


3. Lot’s of ghost producing discussion lately – how do you think this is affecting the EDM scene?


Jinco: Honestly, I dont think its gonna effect anything. The only way it will is if the kids really start to educate themselves about whats going on. But most of these kids just wanna party and dance so I can’t see them really taking the time to investigate what going on. The only people that really care are the producers who slave in the studio day in and day out, perfecting the craft while people just pay 10k for a track and get to tour the world.


Goshfather: I used to think it was going to matter, but the truth is like… everyone in the industry is using a ghost-something. Half the songs on the radio are throwaway Drake hooks that he gave to other artists… If people knew he wrote for Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj would they sell any less tickets? Nope. Now you are selling a life style, you aren’t selling music. We will have to see where that takes things. Personally our integrity would never allow us to do such a thing, but if there are people out there who want to go to that level, that’s totally on them and their conscience.


4. Favorite things to do outside of being a DJ/Producer?


Jinco: I grew up in Santa Cruz so I’m all about surfing. However, lately I’ve been mostly indoors sitting at my computer making tunes.


Goshfather: I’m a nerd, period. So Game Of Thrones and everything that has to do with that is huge for me. Also going out and seeing live comedy in LA like the Groundlings… That place is my comedy-church. Laugh until your stomach hurts and it is such a great escape from real life.


5. Throwback remixes have been very successful for you guys. What’s the process of turning a dated hit into a 2015 hit?


Jinco: Honestly, I think it just has to do with picking the right song. All the throwback remixes we’ve done were pretty unintentional. They were just acapella’s that we really liked and gave them a twist. I think thats really what you have to do these days is take something that you like and make it sound like nothing else out there. There are just so many amazing producers popping up right that you have to do something extreme to set yourself apart.


Goshfather: it’s about capturing that feeling from when you’re a kid and then atom-smashing it together with a modern electronic aesthetic. That’s the best thing in the world… Recapturing the “then” inside of the “now”.


6. One of the great things about Mixify is how it helps artists connect with fans in an intimate, online universe. What’s your favorite part of using Mixify?


Jinco: Mixify is really cool because of that. Connecting with the fan and letting them comment in real time about a song you played or a crappy transition etc. I also really love that its not recorded so we can test new music or play our unreleased stuff from our friends and no one can really steal it.


Goshfather: Absolutely love the fact that we can see the users participating and listening to us. Nothing beats seeing people freak out when one of us or our friends drop an unreleased tune! That’s when you know you’re on the right track!


7. What is your hardware and software set up?


Jinco: Im producing on just a mac book pro laptop, rokit 6′s monitors, and a piece of dog sh*t Forte interface lol. Software, we mostly use samples of our tunes but synth wise, I guess Massive, Serum, Sylenth.


Goshfather: Our goal has always been to be autonomous, production wise. You can have all the gear in the world but if you can’t make a club ready track with just your laptop and headphones or your home-monitors, then you’ve gotta go back and brush up on your chops.


8. The Mixify community is made up of aspiring DJs and producers, what advice do you have for others looking to follow in your footsteps?


Jinco: Best advice I can give is just make as much music as you can and dont make a kind of music just cause you think that whats hot right now. Music is always changing so try to make something that hasn’t been done or if it has than how can you push it even further to make it unique. Don’t worry about playing shows, cause once the music hits the shows will come.


Goshfather: Eliminate the thought during your producing sessions of “which DJ do I want to support this song?” The minute you eliminate that thought, that’s when creativity truly begins, but not before then.


9. Could you send links to three of your favorite tracks you’ve made, and explain what you like about them and the process briefly?


Goshfather: Our collaboration with Cory Enemy entitled “David Guetta” is one of my favorite tracks we’ve ever made and also one of my favorite tracks ever! It is one of the highlights of our sets when we get everyone clapping along during the breakdown.


This is our Dido – Thank You remix and I have always loved this vocal even before Eminem sampled it. I always told vic that I wanted to do a remix of it and then one day he just send me something random and boom we wrote the song from there. We also end our sets every time with this. There’s something about the way we made it that I really love. The flow of the song is soothing and the drops arn’t crazy hard but still go off live.


Dido – Thank You (Goshfather & Jinco Edition)

Goshfather & Jinco x Tony Mendes – Name On It

Walk is a new one we just released a few weeks ago but this song really wrote it self. Its funny it started out as a hip hop beat that I made just messing around. I found a South African acapella video on youtube and used it in the original. I showed it to Victor and he did some crazy processing on it and ended up turning it into a lead and that what you have on the drop. Its always crazy to see how some of the songs turn into what they are. Thats why you can never be married to an idea cause someone might hear something that you dont and then all of the sudden you have a banger on your hands.


Goshfather & Jinco – Walk

10. What track do you wish would never be played in a DJ set again? What track is your secret weapon?


Jinco: Secret Weapon, Encore by Henry Fong and Makj. Honestly this song works 10/10 on the dance floor. Doesnt matter if its a small room or a festival, this song gets people raging every time.


Goshfather: I wish DJs would stop playing cheesy remixes of songs that were not that good in the first place. That’s basically It. My secret weapon currently is the remix by Oski and Apashe of “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys. People lose their shit every single time when we play it so far!


Follow Goshfather & Jinco’s Socials:



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Holler Mixify Fam!

Every Wednesday, Mixify will be hosting an event from our HQ in West Hollywood featuring B2B sets from an all-star crew of up and coming and established names in dance music. Every week will feature a set lineup + special surprise guests  - who knows who you might see! You’ll be able to hear unreleased tunes and exclusive sets from some of the hottest names in the game. The Mixify HQ is located in West Hollywood and designed to be an ideal location for streaming. We display custom visuals, have multi-cam and everything you could need to to host the perfect stream.




As always, expect special surprise guests to make a showing.

Fan the Mixify MidWeek account here.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Mixify MidWeek please email

See y’all out there!



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It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago there were only a handful of dedicated electronic music festivals in North America. Today there’s thankfully dozens to choose from, and Memorial Day Weekend is ripe with options from Movement in Detroit, Lightning in a Bottle in Cali, Mysteryland & EDC near NYC. The challenge now is no longer if you should go, but which one you should go to!?!

First up your list should be Movement. This is one of the longest running techno festivals in North America, and needs to be checked off your festival bucket-list at some point. The raw talent mixed with international crowds and the classic Detroit vibe is unbeatable. If you’ve not been to Movement before, they offers six stages within close proximity but each with its own atmosphere and musical vibe.  As a result it’s near impossible to not find something to keep you dancing all day long.

This year Movement’s taking things to the next level with livestreams directly from the main stage to watch on RBMAradio, and offering completely artist-curated line-ups like the “Detroit Love Showcase” that Carl Craig has curated for the Made in Detroit Stage on Saturday, culminating in Robert Hood (as Floorplan) and then Mad Mike Banks performing with Carl.

If this year you don’t happen to be in Midwest for Movement and you’re looking for something a little “greener” on the west-coast, than we’d highly recommend going to check out Lightning in a Bottle!

LIB is a massive annual camping fest that’s particularly popular with the Burning Man crowd. So the beats are going to be all-night long and deep house – not like the hard techno you’re going to see in Detroit. This fest also strives hard to minimize the impact it has on the environment and encourages ride-sharing, and other eco-activities, and every year builds massive awe-inspiring stages. LIB especially specializes in curating amazing twilight moments as the sun sets and the DJs are there ready to take you from day to night.

However if camping out in a desert isn’t for you and you’re out on the east coast then we’d highly recommend Mysteryland. For only being in it’s second year the lineup is tech-house heavy and solid.

Brought to you by the legendary pros that started Tomorrowland in Belgium, Mysteryland takes their lead and brings a massive electronic music & arts festival to the old farm that housed the original legendary Woodstock. This year they’re taking the festival to the next level by bringing in the local NYC techno community to participate. Leaving party-masters like Verboten and BangOn to make Mysteryland feel even more like a proper NYC party.

Anyways these are only our top 3 picks for this weekend. There’s dozens of other festivals going on so why don’t you drop us a line in the comments on which is your fav and why. Catch you out in front of the main stage!


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Dear Mixify Fam,

All of us in the Mixify community are a family. Since the start, we have been lucky enough to get to know so many of you who make Mixify a special place full of not only good music, but also love and respect. We recently lost a core family member – someone who was with us from day one, who provided support and energy to others, and who brought a positive outlook and love of music to a developing community. Bass Action was a great friend who will be very missed. We’re proud to celebrate his legacy and the energy he brought to our community.

-The Mixify Team

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Friend of Mixify and extremely talented producer, Gigamesh, just dropped one of the most vibe filled tracks of the year – just in time to usher in warm weather! Expect to hear this one at rooftop and pool parties where the temperature is as hot as the beats. The song is full of sunny summer ready vibes with a house meets disco blend of genres you won’t be able to stop moving to. Gigamesh is passing this one on as a free download so feel free to grab it and include in all of your playlists. See you in the sunshine!

Follow Gigamesh on Facebook & Twitter.