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What is the site?

When I open the drop, its resemblance to Reddit is obvious. The front page is uncluttered and completely focused around the music. In the center you have a list of the top tracks for the day. On the right a list of genres you can use to filter the music. On the top you can choose to listen to the top tracks, the newest tracks, tracks posted by users you are following or check out the leaderboard for the most popular users. The website itself is very simple, but what it allows you to do is very powerful. The Drop is a place to discover new electronic music, but what separates The Drop from many other blogs or websites is that here the community curates the content. The community posts tracks, the community moderates the music, then the community upvotes the music they like the most. Very similar to how Product Hunt or reddit work, but strictly for EDM. The result is a daily playlist of the best tracks in electronic music. If you only like certain genres of electronic music you can use the filters on the right to filter only the genres you like.

Focus on community:

One thing that really caught my eye is their focus on community. I feel as if the website is filled with people just like me who just want to listen to good music. The leaderboard creates a local list of community allstars, and helps you find users who you might want to follow (If you are only going to follow one person follow this guy: dgenduso). As I just mentioned you can also follow users on the site. Any time one of these users posts you can see it in the following tab. This feature just launched on April 9th, but it shows the clear trend they are working to create a tightly knit community. I hope they continue this trend of giving users the tools they need to help each other discover hot new EDM.

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The other program which gets me excited is the Verified DJ Program. The Drop is using this feature to support up and coming DJs by helping them get more visibility on the site. Basically if you are a verified DJ you get a badge so users know that this user is posting his own music. This is a great way for the community to interact with DJs and for DJs to get discovered get feedback from the community. For instance, I discovered a 16 year old DJ I had never heard of before, Gold Son, and I really liked his music. Now I can follow him and be up-to-date with all the music he is posting.

What is still missing:

Right now there is only one way to create a playlist and that is by favoriting a track, but I want to create more specific playlists and listen to playlists from other users. I also want more ways to be tied into the community by giving me more ways to communicate with other members of the community either by tagging users if you think they will like a song, or being able to message them directly. The leaderboard was nice to give me a global view on the community, but I want more ways to create my own Drop experience around the music and genres I like.

They only launched a couple of months ago, and they have already released some new features, and hopefully they will continue to roll out some of the things the community is asking for.

The team to do it:

The team makes me believe they going to keep growing The Drop, which makes it very exciting to be in on the ground floor and be able to watch as the site evolves. The Drop was founded by Ranidu, a DJ who has performed at Ultra and a famous pop star his home country of Sri Lanka and incidentally an advisor to Mixify. Justin Kan, the founder of twitch and partner at Y Combinator, and his brother Damien Kan. This is the second startup Justin has started with one of his brothers and it seems to be a recipe for success as the last company he started with his brother got sold to Handybook for an undisclosed amount.

This combination of technical ability between Justin and Damien, and the industry knowledge Ranidu brings gives me high hopes that they will be able to continue to grow this community and hopefully be the place to find electronic music on the internet.

PS: For all you up and coming DJs, The Drop is offering a great opportunity to play an opening set for the Chainsmokers on April 27th at Virginia Tech infront of 2000+ students. Apply today at  to enter.

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The Event Banner


On the weekends of April 10-13 and April 16-19 over 100 DJs from around the world will be celebrating how great our Mixify community is through a non-stop global, digital festival! This entire event was orchestrated by users like you to honor the craft of DJing and the rush we all feel when listening to great dance music. The 100+ sets will feature DJs from every genre and format. Make sure to tune-in and hype up the sets you like the most!





The Event Weekend 1 Lineup


The Event Weekend 2 Lineup


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*BADUM BADUM TUSH* A short drum roll is the noise that plays when you first turn on the UE MEGABOOM—a noise that I am now completely obsessed with—an apt greeting for the powerful sound that comes from Logitech’s Ultimate Ears newest member in its family of portable Bluetooth speakers, released earlier this January.

The UE MEGABOOM is the big daddy version of the UE BOOM that boasts many updated features of the original:

  • 360-Degree Sound – Blasts loud “freakishly amazing” sound in every direction
  • Durability – Stain and water-resistant acoustic skin (IPX7 certified)
  • Versatile/Portable Size and Shape – Can stand up, lay down, be clipped onto a hook; compact and light enough to be brought anywhere
  • Rechargeable Battery – Long lasting 20 hour battery life
  • Wireless Bluetooth Capability – Play and control music from up to 100 ft away; two Bluetooth devices can be connected to play b2b music with friends
  • Speakerphone – Take and project calls hands-free
  • Stereo or Double – Two UE MEGA/BOOMs can be used together to play as a studio pair or double the sound of the same music
  • App Features – Customizable speaker settings including a wake up alarm

Given these impressive specs, we decided to test the UE MEGABOOM in our Los Angeles HQ for ourselves to see if it could lived up to the hype. *queue another drumroll*


From the outside, the speaker comes in a protective canister that has nifty compartments to stash it’s fluorescent yellow USB charger and cord. THE PLUG. Cracking the case open unveils the UE MEGABOOM’s sleek, cylindrical design that resembles a tall 40 oz. can of beer from the future. Cool Factor Level: One Hunnid. We got the charcoal color with cobalt accents, which looks great in our modern meets mid-century office/studio, but with a whole spectrum of UE MEGABOOM colorways available there’s definitely something to fit everyone’s own aesthetic.



As an audiophile, I have to HEAR my music when I play it, which goes for my co-workers, and most people I know. We put the UE MEGABOOM in the middle of our main workroom, and immediately noticed its loud 360-degree sound reaching every corner of the room. Clear mids, vibrant highs, and heavy bass. We gave the “Double Up” feature a go by connecting the UE MEGABOOM to our prized Limited Edition Skrillex Collab UE BOOM, which allowed for TWICE the sound. With this feature, the music was loud enough to pass through the room’s glass walls and into those adjacent, which should probably have warranted me a noise complaint from my own co-workers, but SORRY FOR PARTYING!!!



We had a blast using the mutli-hosting function to connect two phones/computers to one UE MEGABOOM to play music back-to-back with one another, much like the DJs we work with and host during our clubcasts. Rather than passing the aux cord, we passed our DJ privilege, alternating track selection between eachother, keeping the office energy high and all of us entertained throughout the work day. We also tend to chat a great deal with the other half of our team in NYC, and the UE MEGABOOM was a perfect accompaniment for conference calls taken from our phones or on Skype, allowing for clear audibility and solid connection all around.



What really sets the UE MEGABOOM apart from its competitors is its unrivaled design durability which gives it the strength to withstand life, no matter how hard you’re turning up. It’s built to resist water and stains, meaning you need not worry about putting it in the shower, bringing it to a pool party, or holding it up to the sky as you jump through waves at the beach. Heck, these things are encouraged! Take it into the hot tub, clip it onto your backpack on that next hike up Ruyon, or even dredge through a blizzard while blasting some tunes (#2soon, NYC?).



The UE MEGABOOM truly allows you to bring the party with you anywhere you go. For its beauty, strength, and versatility, it’s well worth the $299.99 investment.


Cop yours today from Ultimate Ears here.


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Gone Postal Records presents a virtual festival unlike any other. With DJs from across the globe, Restart Festival is set to pack 13 heart pumping hours full of powerful electronic dance music of all varieties on December 31 for New Year’s Eve. No matter what your taste, Restart Festival has something for you. Whether you’re hosting a party and looking for a real DJ to replace that mediocre playlist, or you’re sitting at home in desperate need of some good tunes to lead you into the new year, good live music has never been so easy to find. No matter where you may end up on this crazy night, Restart Festival is only a click away. Find them on social media using #RestartFestival



Set Times:
7:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST - Raveology
9:00pm EST to 10:00pm EST - Zilch
10:00pm EST to 12:00am EST - Druski
12:00am EST to 1:00am EST - Astral
1:00am EST to 2:00am EST - Jon Jordan
2:00am EST to 4:00am EST - CZ
4:00am EST to 6:00am EST - Tronex
6:00am EST to 8:00am EST - Delakapa

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Trapstyle has been dominating with the bass heavy livestreams with up-and-comers. We invited them to stream live with live video and audio from Icon Collective Los Angeles. They’re bringing top acts and the party to us as we stream live to you on Tuesday, January 13.
Trapstyle has been bending genres and providing one of the biggest social platforms for upcoming artists since 2012.  Presented by Your EDM, this special event will have headliner Jauz (who you need to check out) and a line-up of other awesome producers/DJs. You’ll also get a sneak peek of our awesome studio complete with visuals, and more.   Not only is this a Trapstyle and YourEDM event, but also the launch of Shadetree and it’s artists Jauz, Mija, Ghastly & Goldplate.
You don’t want to miss this event. RSVP Here.

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Mixify is giving away four pairs of tickets to this year’s #LESBeat party. It was one of our favorite parties of last year and we’re excited to give a few of you the chance to experience the fun with us this year. We’re talking open bar, free food, and amazing surprise guest performers.


More info on #LESBeat here:

For #LESbeat, the DJ’s, and the performances are always surprises, the location is secret, tickets are FREE and given out to entrepreneurs, and influencers throughout the Lower East Side, full open bar all night and complimentary food, while 100% of the voluntary door donations benefits Lower East Side Girls Club.

In the past we’ve had Cam’ron, Naughy by Nature, The Lox, Matt & Kim, 12th Planet, A$AP Mob, Ying Yang Twins, Jamie XX all get on stage for surprise performances.


Here is a link to the 2013 #LESbeat Recap:


Here is a link to the 2012 #LESbeat Recap:


Enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets using the widget below